Dates for meetings with the Professional Traineeship Committee

Every month the Professional Traineeship Committees conduct meetings with participants who are taking the independent route for their professional traineeship. Definitive dates depend on the number of applications and the availability of the committees.
These dates are relevant only if you are following the independent route. If you are following an integrated programme, the dates of all meetings are decided in consultation with the supervisor of the integrated programme.

All meetings take place at the Bureau Architectenregister. 

Subject to amendments, the following dates apply:

A (Architecture), I (Interior), L (Landscaping), U (Urbanism)

I,L,U      : wednesday October 30th
I,L,U      : wednesday November 20th
I,L,U      : wednesday December 18th
A            : friday October 25th             (fully booked)
A            : monday October 28th          (fully booked)
A            : wednesday November 6th    (fully booked)
A            : monday November 11th       (fully booked)
A            : wednesday November 20th   (fully booked)
A            : monday November 25th        (fully booked)
A            : wednesday December 4th
A            : monday December 9th
A            : wednesday December 18th    (fully booked)
Dates for 2020 will be posted soon.
Requesting for meetings should be done through your personal page on  Since 2018  only one invoice, for all three meetings, will be sent. It is possible to pay in three installments, before each meeting. Costs will be charged if a meeting is cancelled within one month before the meeting.

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