The professional traineeship is a period in which you gain professional experience after completing your (master’s) diploma. If the date of your graduation is on or after 1 January 2015, you are obliged to gain professional experience before you can enter your name in the Register of Architects. Inclusion on the register is necessary in order to use the protected titles of architect, urban designer, landscape architect and interior architect. The professional traineeship lasts two years if you work a minimum of 32 hours a week. If you work less, the professional traineeship lasts longer.

Architect’s Title Act

The titles of architect, urban designer, landscape architect and interior architect are protected by the Architect’s Title Act. Only persons who are entered in the Register of Architects are permitted to use these titles. The obligation to complete a professional traineeship is set by the revised Architect’s Title Act of 2011 and detailed in the Professional Traineeship Regulation of 2012. The required standards that all participants must meet upon completion of the professional traineeship are described in the required standards appended to the Professional Traineeship Regulation. The regulation came into effect on 1 January 2015.

The Architect’s Title Act and the Professional Traineeship Regulation are only available in Dutch. For background information and the required standards, please read the Personal Progress Plan (PPP) and accompanying instructions.

Independent (individual) route or integrated programme

There are two ways to complete the professional traineeship, namely:

  • an independent (individual) route
  • an integrated programme.

The integrated programme and the independent (individual) route are described in the section How is the Professional Traineeship Organised? First choose whether you want to follow the independent (individual) route or the integrated programme. If you want to follow the independent (individual) route, you can apply for the professional traineeship. If you want to follow the integrated programme first you apply for your diploma to be recognized and then you have to apply separately for your integrated programme at


If you work 32 hours a week, the professional traineeship takes approximately two years to complete. The professional traineeship period will be extended proportionally if you work less than 32 hours a week. If you work less than 20 hours a week, you cannot participate in the professional traineeship.


The costs of the professional traineeship are the responsibility of the participant.

For the integrated programme you pay a fixed fee to the organisation that provides the programme. This fee covers the cost of the entire professional traineeship, including supervision, the start, interim and final meetings, and all other courses and modules required.

For the independent (individual) route you pay a fixed fee for the entire trajectory, including the meetings with the Professional Traineeship Committee, and a variable fee for necessary modules (if applicable). The fee for each module is paid to the provider of the modules. For participants who start in 2020, the total cost for the independent route will be €1.200, when paid in instalments the cost will be €410 per instalment (the fee is exempt from VAT).

The cost of the professional traineeship is the responsibility of the participant. Self-employed persons can enter the cost of their professional traineeship as business expenses. If you are in paid employment, your employer may cover the cost in part or in full. In addition, you can apply to funds, such as the Grant Programme for Talent Development, which is operated by the Creative Industries Fund NL and which may issue a grant to cover some of the cost.


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