If you obtained your (master’s) diploma after 31 December 2014 and want to enter your name in the Register of Architects in order to use the title of architect, urban designer, landscape architect or interior architect, you must complete a professional traineeship through either an independent route or an integrated programme.

The integrated programme is explained below. For background information and the translated required standards of the Professional Traineeship Regulation, please read the Personal Progress Plan (PPP) and accompanying instructions. (The Professional Traineeship Regulation is only available in Dutch.)

If you have any questions before or during the professional traineeship, please consult the FAQs. If your question is not answered here, please contact the provider of the integrated programme.


Provider of an integrated programme

The integrated programme consists of a track in which the participant is supervised throughout the programme by an organisation that is acknowledged by the Architects Registration Bureau as a provider of an integrated programme. PEP is an acknowledged provider of the integrated programme. If you choose for an integrated programme, you must first apply for your diploma to be checked via this website. The Architects Registration Bureau examines your application and a certified copy of your diploma to determine whether you are eligible for the professional traineeship.

NOTE: If you decide to follow the integrated programme you apply separately on www.pepnl.eu. So you apply twice, on two different websites! Once your application is approved, all communication during the remainder of the procedure and the supervision of the entire professional traineeship, including the intake, interim and final meetings, is conducted through the PEP


Personal page at mijn.beroepservaringperiode.nl

As a participant in an integrated programme you are supervised throughout the professional traineeship by the provider of the programme. You also receive an account and a personal page at mijn.beroepservaringperiode.nl so that you can see your date of commencement, and after completing the professional traineeship you can see the final date and the date on which your certificate is issued.


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