Mentors are experienced professionals who supervise participants in their professional traineeship.

Participation in the professional traineeship is only possible if the participant has a mentor employed in the same discipline as the participant. The mentor must also be entered in the Register of Architects for the same discipline for at least three years. The professional traineeship lasts approximately two years. Ideally, a mentor supervises the entire professional traineeship of a participant. The time involved, as well as the frequency and nature of the exchanges, are at the discretion of the mentor and participant.

The mentor may be a colleague or the employer of the participant, but that is not a requirement. The mentor and participant may also have different employers or be self-employed, in which case we speak of an external mentor.

Being a mentor provides a lot of inspiration and is an excellent opportunity to supervise young professionals in their development. The mentor is expected to complete a mentor statement at the request of the participant. The participant needs this mentor statement in order to request the intake meeting and to formally start the professional traineeship. For this, the participant must also draw up a Personal Progress Plan (PPP). The participant is also expected to discuss the PPP with the mentor, and the mentor can offer advice on how to optimise the PPP.

Participants who follow the independent route of the professional traineeship conduct start, interim and final meetings with the Professional Traineeship Committee. The mentor is expected to attend the start and interim meetings, and to complete an evaluation form before the interim and final meetings and give them to the participant. These evaluation forms provide the basis for the meetings and for the assessment of the participant. To avoid too much strain on a mentors' agenda, the mentor is not required to attend the final meeting. Of course, should he or she wish to be present, a mentor is most welcome to attend the meeting as well. The participant will have completed the professional traineeship successfully if all the required standards have been met. These required standards are formulated in the Professional Traineeship Regulation. The regulation is only available in Dutch. For background information and the required standards please read the Personal Progress Plan (PPP) and accompanying instructions on the downloads page.

After completing the professional traineeship, the participant receives a certificate and may then enter his or her name in the Register of Architects.

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