The professional traineeship is a period in which a participant is employed professionally and, at the same time, completes a Personal Progress Plan (PPP) drawn up by the participant, to meet the required standards. If it is determined that all requirements have been satisfied, the participant receives a certificate and may enter their name in the Register of Architects and use the title of architect, urban designer, landscape architect or interior architect.

An employer can contribute to the professional traineeship and build up ties with talented individuals by supporting graduates as follows:

  • providing support in achieving the required standards as described in the Personal Progress Plan (PPP);
  • completing the Employement statement;
  • enabling supplementary modules or courses to be followed
  • offering space each year for a meeting with the Professional Traineeship Committee
  • offering supervision through the appointment of an experienced colleague
  • making a financial contribution to the costs, which can be entered as business expenses, incurred by the employee in completing the professional traineeship.

If the participant works at least 32 hours a week, the professional traineeship takes two years to complete. This period will be extended proportionally if a participant works less than 32 hours a week. The minimum requirement is 20 hours a week. If the participant works less than 20 hours a week, he or she cannot participate in the professional traineeship.

When an individual with a master’s diploma takes up a position of employment in an architect's office, the standard collective labour agreement (referred to in Dutch as ‘CAO’) takes effect. Offices in urban design, landscape or interior architecture may also apply the architect's collective labour agreement.

Employees who participate in the professional traineeship are motivated and will embark on their careers in an efficient and well-prepared manner. The supervision of a mentor, the meetings and courses attended and the reflection on the experience and insight gained mean that the participant rapidly acquires skills in professional practice. As a result, the participant will become a more valuable asset at the office.

Entry in the Register of Architects is compulsory in order to use the protected titles of architect, urban designer, landscape architect and interior architect. A graduation date on or after 1 January 2015 means that the professional traineeship must be successfully completed before graduates can enter their name in the Register of Architects. It is important to support the next generation in acquiring their titles.

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