A Committee of your own discipline assesses your progress during your professional traineeship. The Committee is independent and advises the Bureau Architectenregister. Their focus is not the aesthetic values of the projects, but the candidates’ quality of professional experience. If you follow the independent (individual) route you are in the lead. The Committee can help you where necessary and provide you with tips and suggestions. 

The independent (individual) route is explained step by step below. For more extensive information  please read the Instructions Independent Route on the Downloads page. There you can also find all required forms, documents and manuals. Please read them carefully! For background information and requirements we refer you to the Professional Traineeship Regulation, which unfortunately is only available in Dutch.

Step 1: Preparation and application
Step 2: Start meeting
Step 3: Interim meeting
Step 4: Final meeting
Step 5: Entry in the Register of Architects

Step 1: Preparation and application

Before you apply for the professional traineeship, you must have observed the following:

  • you graduated from a relevant (master’s) study programme
  • you work at least 20 hours a week
  • you have found a mentor to supervise you.

For your application you require a certified (paper) copy of your diploma. Send this copy to the Bureau Architectenregister. Note: Unfortunately a digitally certified extract from the DUO Diplomaregister cannot be accepted because the specialization is not mentioned separately. Your application is examined by the Architects Registration Bureau. You will be notified by e-mail if your application is successful. You will also receive a personal account and a personal page at mijn.beroepservaringperiode.nl. This personal page is private and can be accessed only by you, the Bureau Architectenregister and the Professional Traineeship Committee. The page is used to store and exchange documents and to record your progress during the professional traineeship.

Your mentor can be employed bythe same office or he/she can work elsewhere. He or she should be registered for at least 3 years in the same discipline as your own. Should you switch mentors during your professional experience period, inform the Architecten Register, ask your old mentor to complete an evaluation form and ask your new mentor to complete a mentor statement. Upload these forms before your next meeting.

Besides your experiences at your place of work, you are also required to participate in at least 2 modules of your choice, i.e. training sessions, workshops or courses, in the context of 'life-long learning'. Providers of recognized modules are shown on the page Modules. These modules are specifically aimed at meeting several end terms. These are very useful if certain end terms can't be experienced in the office. It is not necessary to follow only modules that prepare for meeting the end terms. We encourage you to follow any course, workshop or training you feel broadens or deepens your experience, as long as the module is given outside the office. Internal trainings contribute to your professional experience, but cannot count as a module. If you want to verify whether a training event, workshop or course, not provided by one of the 'official providers', is also eligible as a module, please contact the Bureau Architectenregister beforehand by email at info@beroepservaringperiode.nl.

Step 2: Start meeting

When you start your Professional Traineeship you draw up 2 important documents:

  • your Personal Progress Plan (PPP);
  • your logbook.

Before you start these documents please read all directions on the Downloads page carefully and follow them. You upload your mentor statement (completed and signed by your mentor), your completed employer statement, your PPP and your logbook onto your personal page at mijn.beroepservaringperiode.nl. Please upload all documents in PDF format, so please no Word documents or Excel tables! Then you can apply for an start meeting with the Professional Traineeship Committee. We advise you to do so in the first 4 to 6 months after you start your professional traineeship. Please take care not to plan this meeting too soon, so you will really have some experience to talk about with the Committee. That way you'll benefit the most from the intake meeting.

You will receive confirmation by e-mail with the date of the start meeting and an invoice for the cost of all meetings you will have during your professional traineeship. You can pay the invoice in its totality or in three instalments. Please keep in mind that it takes approximately 4 weeks from your application until the planned meeting.

You and your mentor must both attend the start meeting. With the Professional Traineeship Committee you discuss your Personal Progress Plan and your acquired experience. A written report and the advice of the Committee will be uploaded on your personal page, provided you have made the payment of the invoice, or at least the first instalment. In this report the Committee assesses your professional experience by end term. Each end term included in your logbook will be assessed, even if you don't talk about the end term during the meeting. 

Step 3: Interim meeting

The interim meeting takes place when you are well past the midway point of your professional traineeship (i.e. after more than one year, if you work 32 hours a week or more, or if you have reached well over half of your end terms). The aim is to determine if you are on schedule, to discuss how you plan to complete the next step, and to make adjustments if necessary. Before the interim meeting your mentor must complete the interim evaluation form. You also submit your updated PPP and your logbook that records your professional experience and reflections, at least 2 weeks before the date of the meeting.

After all documents have been received and examined, you receive confirmation by e-mail of the date of the interim meeting and an invoice for the interim meeting. Your mentor must also attend the interim meeting. Together with your mentor and the Professional Traineeship Committee, you discuss the progress in your knowledge, understanding and skills, based on your logbook and in relation to the required standards. You also discuss your work situation and your PPP for the remainder of your professional traineeship.

A target date is set for the final meeting.

A written report and the advice of the Committee will be uploaded on your personal page, again provided you have paid the invoice or at least the first two instalments.  In this report the Committee assesses your progress by end term. Each end term included in your PPP and your logbook will be assessed, even if you don't talk about the end term during the meeting. 

Step 4: Final meeting

In preparation for the meeting, you submit the final evaluation written by your mentor, your logbook, and all certificates for completed modules (training sessions, workshops, courses), again at least 2 weeks before the date of the meeting. 

Make sure that before your final meeting you have completed all payments of your invoice.

To avoid too much strain on your mentors' agenda, your mentor does not need to attend this meeting. Of course, should your mentor wish to attend, he/she is most welcome! You discuss with the Committee whether you meet the required standards set by the Professional Traineeship Regulation. 15 Minutes after the meeting you will be given the decision of the Committee. A written report and the advice of the Committee will also be uploaded on your personal page.

If the result is positive, you will receive a certificate to indicate that you satisfy the requirements of the Professional Traineeship Regulation. If the result is negative, the Committee will specify clearly the areas where additional work is required. You may also lodge an objection against a negative decision.

Step 5: Entry in the Register of Architects

Once you have successfully completed your professional traineeship and received your certificate, you can enter your name in the Dutch Register of Architects. You can do this immediately after your final meeting. You are then eligible to use the title pertaining to your profession: architect, urban designer, landscape architect or interior architect. Note: You have to apply for registration yourself, this is not an automated process!

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