Veel gestelde vragen - Application, intake meeting, exemption

If I graduated in numerous specialisations, do I need to complete the professional traineeship for each specialisation?

Specific knowledge, understanding and skills are, in principle, required for every professional discipline, and a professional traineeship must therefore be completed for each discipline. Please note that exemptions to this regulation can be made.

Can I start my professional traineeship while I am still studying?

You can only officially start your professional traineeship after graduation. Please read the information about conditions for professional experience on the page Professional experience and exemption.

How do I apply?

You apply through the Architects Registration Bureau. See the website page ‘Application for Professional Traineeship’. The bureau will assess whether the course you completed is recognised and makes you eligible to start the professional traineeship and enter you name in the Register of Architects.

Where and with whom do I conduct the intake meeting?

If you are following an integrated programme, the intake meeting takes place at the agency that provides the programme. If you are taking the independent route, you will have your intake meeting with the Professional Traineeship Committee at the Architects Registration Bureau. You always conduct your meetings with committee members from your own discipline. The committees are independent and advise the Architecten Register. They don’t assess the aesthetic qualities of your work, but the quality of your professional traineeship. 

In the case of both the integrated programme and independent route, your mentor must attend the intake meeting.

Where can I find the forms and documents that I need to complete in order to start?

The forms and documents for the independent route are available on this website. You can find the forms in the step-by-step description under the heading ‘How the professional traineeship is organised – independent route’. If you are already familiar with the step-by-step procedure, go directly to the Downloads page.

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