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Where can I work?

You may work in paid employment, as an independent practitioner on your own projects, or in a freelance capacity for various employers/offices. You may work in various places, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere. You may also gain some of your work experience outside your particular discipline, for example in a related discipline or field of work. On your Employment Statement you indicate how, where and how much you are going to work (see Downloads).

You can also search for work opportunities on the Professional Traineeship page and on other websites that advertise job vacancies.

Can I take part in Europan without being registered?

Although you had to be entered in the Register of Architects to take part in Europan, this rule has changed after consultation between the Architects Registration Bureau and Europan Nederland. From 2015 on, a diploma from a relevant master’s course allows you to participate in Europan. Participating in Europan can even form part of your professional traineeship. Discuss this during your intake meeting with the committee.

I want to work part-time. How will that affect my professional traineeship?

The professional traineeship is based on a working week of 32 hours or more. Working part-time is permissible, provided you work at least 20 hours a week. The professional traineeship period will be extended proportionally if you work less than 32 hours a week.

What happens if I cannot work for a period, or if I cannot find work?

If during your professional traineeship you are unable to work because of maternity leave or for another reason, or if you are temporarily out of work, then your official professional traineeship also stops temporarily. You must, however, complete your professional traineeship within six years.

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