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What conditions must a mentor meet?

A mentor must be entered in the Register of Architects in your discipline for at least three years and also work in that discipline. A mentor does not have to work at the same place you do.

How do I find a mentor?

It is your responsibility to find a mentor. You may be able to arrange one through your place of education or through your place of work. You don't have to work at the same office your mentor does, but you have to work in the same discipline.

Do I have to work at the same office as my mentor?

This is not compulsory, although it does offer big advantages, simply because it increases the number of contact moments between the participant and mentor, thus enhancing the sharing of experience. But it is not a requirement. If, as a new graduate, you cannot find work at an office, and you choose to become self-employed, or if no mentor is available within your office, it is possible to be supervised and supported by a so-called ‘external mentor’.

Can I switch mentors during my professional traineeship?

Yes, but this must be communicated immediately to the Architects Registration Bureau. The Bureau Architectenregister reserves the right to put your traineeship on hold if you have no mentor for more than 3 months.

If you switch mentors please upload a completed evaluation form by your old mentor and a mentor statement from your new mentor on your personal page.

What are the tasks of a mentor?

The tasks and role of the mentor are described in the Professional Traineeship Regulation and summarised in the Mentor Statement. They include: the mentor assists the participant throughout the professional traineeship with advice and information related to professional practice in the widest sense.

Does a mentor have to offer a participant work?

That is not a requirement. If the mentor or the office where the mentor works can offer a participant work, they are of course entitled to do so.

I would like to become a mentor for individuals who wish to complete a professional traineeship. How can I go about it?

Applications from prospective mentors are welcome and can be posted on the Professional Traineeship page on the ArchiNed website. Please first read the conditions that a mentor must meet.

Which meetings does my mentor have to attend?

Your mentor has to attend the start meeting and the interim meeting. The final meeting will be held with just you and the Committee; your mentor does not attend this meeting.

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