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What does the professional traineeship involve?

The professional traineeship lasts approximately two years and comprises two elements: an individual track and an additional track. These elements form a single entity. The individual track involves gaining professional experience under the supervision of a mentor. You can gain professional experience in various places at home or abroad. The additional track involves professional traineeship modules.

Taken together, the individual and additional tracks lead to a coherent body of knowledge, understanding and skills that enables you to meet the required standards. These required standards form part of the Professional Traineeship Regulation. Your professional traineeship will be assessed by a committee with members from your own discipline. The committees are independent and advise the Architecten Register. They don’t assess the aesthetic qualities of your work, but the quality of your professional traineeship. 

How can I complete the additional track?

There are two possibilities: an integrated programme and an independent route. These two possibilities are described on the web page ‘How is the professional traineeship organised’.

What are (professional traineeship) modules?

These are training events, courses and other gatherings that enable participants to increase or augment their knowledge, understanding and skills, and that offer space for reflection on the practical experience gained. Participants follow these modules in addition to their work. Starting point for modules is an average of at least 1 module per year, or at least 2 modules during your Professional Traineeship.

It is expected that an average of 4 hours a week is required to complete the modules for an integrated programme.

If you follow an independent route, you choose your own modules, so the time required cannot be predicted in advance.

For recognised modules, you can consult the Professional Traineeship page set up at the request of the Architects Register Bureau.

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